With home prices reaching all-time highs in the Seattle area, Spokane realtors are noticing a new phenomenon.  Some Seattle professionals are making their home in Spokane WA and commuting by air from the Spokane International airport.  The flight is less than an hour and is becoming especially popular with professionals with four-day work-weeks who are choosing to live in Spokane.  The property is 12.3 acres and at $148,000.00 is priced at close to only12,000 per acre.

This 12.3 acre view property may be ideal for the professional looking to commute.  Located a short drive from the airport and downtown Spokane, it is neverthless in a quiet, secluded country setting.  Located on a bluff property with views of the Indian Canton area and the Spokane city skyline it might make a perfect location for the Seattle professional looking to escape Seattle congestion and traffic.  Take a look below at some views from the property and some shots of the property itself.

For more information: Elizabeth Bendinelli | Synergy | elizabeth.bendinelli@mac.com
Cell:  509-389-6380 | Office:  509-624-4400 | Fax:  509-747-1304
12 acre new 5
13 acre 17
12 acre new 1
12 acre new 3
12 acre new 2A
12 acre new 14
13 acre 12
13 acre 13




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